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Van Gogh Museum develops ‘Meet Vincent Van Gogh’ experience

van-gogh-almond-blossomOur new Optima6 has been chosen this year by the Van Gogh museum for their three multimedia-rich touring exhibitions touring Asia (Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul are the first stops) Meet Vincent Van Gogh.

This is a BIG thing as a world class museum like Van Gogh 1.9 million visitors a year has thoroughly investigated all technical solutions and chosen RSF: the company with hundreds of references over more than 20 years of Hands Free audioguide solutions.

There is no comparison between what we offer and any system on the market.

The Van Gogh Museum, fully engaged in its cultural entrepreneurship, is developing a new initiative: Meet Vincent van Gogh, a travelling, multi-disciplinary experience, introducing visitors to the world of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) in an innovative manner. This all-encompassing experience for the whole family will present the unique story about Van Gogh’s short and turbulent life. The experience combines the artist’s life, work and quest. Guided by facsimiles, audio-visual and digital applications, quotations from letters, life-like reproductions and scenes from his artworks, life and environment, visitors virtually travel through the artist’s life, and thus experience for themselves the story of the person behind the paintings. The first Meet Vincent van Gogh experience will be launched in China in the summer of 2016.

RSF is happy to announce that our Optima6 will be travelling with it.