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The Ronald Reagan Library has chosen RSF again!

roanld-reagan-library-1Ronald Reagan Library, Simi Valley, USA

The Ronald Reagan library has again chosen to renew its audioguide park with RSF’s new XP2 (400 units).

For seven years, between 2006 – 2013 the Ronald Reagan Library had used RSF’s XPerience units. 

However the Library decided to try another supplier between 2013 and 2016, only to switch back to the RSF solution realizing the absolute reliability, ease of usage, low operational costs and unique advanced technologies that our RSF products offer.

With the XP2, the Ronald Reagan library can enjoy full multimedia interactivity, an endless battery autonomy (two months with wireless charging) and an integrated digital tourguide system for their group visits.

Reagan Library

When you visit the Reagan Library, you will step aboard this same Air Force One that flew President Reagan over 660,000 miles – to 26 foreign countries and 46 U.S.states – and you will learn how he changed the face of global diplomacy.

Since receiving the Wall, President Reagan’s wish has come true – millions of visitors, including hundreds of thousands of school children, have visited the Wall at the Reagan Library and learned its lesson of freedom and democracy for all.

The Memorial Site

It is on the western portion of the Library Campus and is adjacent to the Library’s piece of the Berlin Wall and the replica of the White House South Lawn.  The Memorial Site looks out toward the Pacific Ocean.

Oval Office

On an early October morning in 1909, President William Howard Taft became the first President to walk into the Oval Office, located in the center of the south side of the West Wing.  In 1934, during the Franklin Roosevelt administration, the Oval Office was moved to its current location within the West Wing – in the southeast corner, overlooking the Rose Garden.