Making the difference to your visitor experience

Taking care of the details

schneider-schumacher-Staedel-museum-3We have extensive experience in installing projects, and have developed our products accordingly. Our goal is always to ensure that our products are easy to install, and that the installers will not be caught out on site because they don’t have a 25-pin multipin connector together with soldering iron and a spare hour or two to put it all together!

Our larger products are 19” rack-mountable with winglets included in the casing as standard. Our video players and show controllers are 9.5” wide, allowing two to be installed side-by-side in 1U of rack space. Our smaller players and amps have mounting points incorporated into the casing, and all our devices have cabling kept at the rear, with any memory cards necessary at the front for clean installation and easy access.

We understand that multipin connectors are fiddly and time-consuming, and so use screw-in phoenix-type connectors for control ports and amplifier outputs.

For media players we allow the configuration via file names and simple text files – this means that no specialist software is needed on site, and changes can be made by any person with an SD-card capable computer.