Audioguide Systems

The most comprehensive and complete range of Audioguides on the market. For both guided and self-led tours, we produce systems that can be simple or fully interactive (including audio synchronisation with video and other audiovisual stimuli). RSF Audioguides enable complete solutions tailored to the needs of each individual client.

ProDAP: AV Show Control Products

Professional Audiovisual Equipment for installation in a range of retail and cultural situations. Comprising automation and show controllers, video players, audio players, lighting control, multiscreen and multitrack playback, the ProDAP range provides a complete solution for museums, exhibitions and much more.

The museums and exhibitions field is a challenging environment always on the move. New ideas, new applications, and new technologies are constantly needed. RSF is at the forefront of answering these needs with continuous innovations, adaptable products, and experienced teams with unparalleled know-how. Because we manufacture what we sell, we are uniquely positioned to adapt our solutions to answer customer needs.
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