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  • Minimum operational cost
  • No charging needed
  • Minimum handling
  • Absolute reliability
  • Simple to program
  • Lightweight & ergonomic
  • Outdoor usage
  • Ideal for large sites and exhibitions

One of the world‘s bestselling audioguides, offers a « unique » solution that answers all of a site’s worries with traditional audioguides: with merely two disposable AA alkaline batteries, it can continuously play approximately 350 hours of messages, which means around three and a half months of autonomy in general usage without recharging! Therefore, no charging racks are needed. By dispensing with use of charging racks, the BASIC dramatically decreases handling, management, and storage needs. The BASIC sells at a very affordable price and provides unparalleled reliability levels: less than 3% returns per year!

Extremely reliable

Designed for absolute reliability: defect rates do not exceed 3% per year, even for the most busy sites.

Minimum handling and storage needs

Using two disposable AA alkaline batteries, the BASIC has around three and a half months of autonomy in general usage, without recharging! Therefore, no charging racks are needed. By dispensing with using charging racks, the BASIC dramatically decreases handling and storage needs.

Minimum operational costs

Extreme reliability, minimum handling (no daily recharging), and easy management (easy message programming, language change, and statistics retrieval) mean smoother operations, reduced personnel numbers, and lesser running costs!

Simple to program

The programming of visits is done using RSF’s iGuide®, a very powerful yet user friendly PC-based programming tool.

Simple to use

No Display! Users are unanimous: “it is even simpler to use – no questions asked!”. Moreover, the BASIC integrates a vocal assistant that guides users in their handling.

Lightweight and ergonomic

Its size, natural lines, and light weight (150g) make the BASIC particularly pleasant and comfortable to carry; even for long visits.

Ideal for outdoor usage

Well suited for external usage: its’ weather-proof electrical design and its ‘tropicalisation’ option make the BASIC uniquely suitable for external usage and for very humid environments.

Ideal for boat, bus and city tours

The BASIC is extensively used for boat, bus and city tours because of its very large battery autonomy which makes it handling-free.

Ideal for large sites and exhibitions

The ease of management and the very important operational costs savings made the BASIC the audioguide of choice for the largest sites and exhibition providers worldwide. These include the Prado museum in Spain, the Uffizi in Italy, F.C. Barcelona and Premier exhibitions.

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