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HP1/ HP2 Micro Speakers

  • Miniature Loudspeaker Range for Discrete Installations
  • Tropicalisation
  • High sound quality
  • Ultimate Discretion
  • No compromise needed

The MicroSpeaker range comprises of two differing miniature loudspeaker models that are both very easy to integrate into a dividing wall or various cabinets / shelving.
Regarding the size, this miniature loudspeaker range offers exceptional sound quality.

Miniature Loudspeaker Range for Discrete Installations

Mini size and brackets included, Easy to integrate and hide.


Protects against humidity for extreme conditions.

High sound quality

Faithful reproduction of the original audio source.

Ultimate Discretion

Small form, and matt black finish ensures the speakers will only be seen when the visitor is looking for them. And sometimes not even then!

No compromise needed

Ultimate size – quality ratio ensures neither need to suffer from compromises.

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