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Combining the ergonomic class and robust build quality of the RSF Basic audioguide, with the reliability and permanent installation of the MicroDAP audio player, the InfoDAP is a wired audioguide/listening point that provides visitors with direct access to up to twelve different audio messages.

The integrated motion sensor can be configured to automatically start playing a message when the handset is picked up. The InfoDAP could be fixed to a wall or under a table using a magnetised holder. It is attached to the exhibit by an armoured cable that surrounds the audio and control cables, therefore no battery and no maintenance are required for the handset.

The InfoDAP’s twelve-button keypad allows volume control and language or message switching when required. The InfoDAP is extremely cost effective, reliable, and ideal for fixed listening spots where only a few messages are needed.

Digital audio
CD quality digital audio allows flawless reproduction of your message through MP3 formatting.

Flash Card Storage. Solid state operation. The memory card is soldered directly to the circuit board for ultimate reliability.

Easy to use
Message starts automatically at pickup. Direct language selection.

Firmware modifications can be developed to allow for many more than the standard 12 messages.

Language can be changed mid-message while remaining synchronised. 


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