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Magically raise the volume to welcome visitors

As more and more museums include multimedia content in their exhibitions, it becomes ever more important to manage the challenge of noise pollution.

To effectively display the exhibits it is important that visitors hear the right information at the right moment and at no other time.

There are a number of ways to approach this issue, each with their own pros and cons:

  • Directional sound can help narrow the area in which sound reaches the visitor, giving something of a “wow factor” and allowing many exhibits to be shown in close proximity, but this solution has problems with restricted bandwidth and can be very expensive.
  • One sound per room can be an effective solution, allowing optimised multi-channel sound to immerse visitors in the moment, but this can be impractical in large rooms, or in rooms with many varied exhibits. Furthermore, the sound will often need to be playing, even when visitors are not present.
  • Headphones provide an isolated commentary, which can be tailored to the visitor’s own language.
  • However, cables are easily broken; thefts are difficult to prevent; multiple audio guides are necessary, and the visitor experiences a feeling of isolation from the surroundings.

There is, however, another approach that combines the best elements of all these to give a rounded solution that works in many different situations: RSF Magic–Volume

By combining a number of different products from the RSF ProDAP range we are able to create a system whereby sound is playing at a low enough level to attract people, but as a visitor approaches the exhibit the volume will automatically increase for a predetermined length of time.

This has several clear advantages:

  • Noise pollution between exhibits is significantly reduced, while commentary can be clearly heard by the approaching visitor.
  • Energy costs are reduced because volumes are lower when nobody is present.
  • The commentary works automatically without any active user interaction, and it makes low demands on staff time.

RSF Magic-Volume, another audio challenge, made simple


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