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  • “Micro” size
  • Sensitive detection
  • Flexible power requirements
  • Wide detection angle
  • “Micro” price !
  • Adjustable timer

The MicroRAD_T is under an inch in all directions, offering the ultimate in discrete detection. Even people who are actively looking for it will have difficulty spotting it, let alone those who are not! High sensitivity ensures detection for applications which demand reliability, and the simple installation process ensures swift and efficient on-site operation. PIR technology ensures that only warm, moving bodies trigger the detection. An adjustable timer allows the output contact to be closed for a preset duration  – this means there is no risk or retriggering a media file every time a visitor scratches his nose!

“Micro” size

Easy to integrate and hide. 

Sensitive detection

Ensures reliability.

Flexible power requirements

Input voltage can be anything between 3.3 and 12V DC.

Wide detection angle

80º x 100º ensures excellent coverage.

“Micro” price !

Need we say more?

Adjustable timer

Manually set a delay to hold the output open or closed for as long as necessary.

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