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  • Digital Video Player for Standalone or Multiscreen HD
  • Reliable
  • Quality
  • Simple Control
  • Audio
  • Comprehensive Connectivity
  • Multi-Screen Playback


Digital Video Player for Standalone or Multiscreen HD

The OneDVP-HD is an HD Digital Video Player which has been designed for an increasingly common situation where a default video runs in a loop, and another video has to be triggered at a certain point. The OneDVP-HD uses flash memory cards. The total absence of mechanical parts in its design guarantees absolute reliability. Configurable by a simple text file, the OneDVP-HD is flexible enough to provide solutions to a wide range of applications. A professional hardware video scaler ensures realtime, high quality, full HD output.


Storage on Flash Card. No moving parts.


Digital MPEG high quality video up to 1080p.

Simple Control

One input contact, one output relay. It would have been difficult to make this player less complicated!


Digital or analogue output. Option of uncompressed Linear PCM audio files.

Comprehensive Connectivity

Full flexibility for AV connections, with both digital or analogue video and audio out.

Multi-Screen Playback

Multiple OneDVP-HD can be linked together to synchronise multiple screens for large displays


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