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  • Looping is intuitive!
  • Variable triggering
  • Integrated Audio Player
  • Multiple Timelines
  • Intelligent code learning
  • DMX sequence recording
  • Reliable

The Pilote combines the simple effectiveness of time line – based show control with digital audio playback to provide a show controller that can manage small to medium installations alone, or large installations when multiple Pilotes are networked together. Simple programming, means that all technicians will be able to create and modify projects, thus lifting the restriction of having a few specialist programmers in the team. A great price – performance ratio means that the Pilote is also significantly more competitive than the closest competitor.

Looping is intuitive!

The programming software ‘Looping’ is exceptionally intuitive. Anyone with a basic understanding of programming can master it within an hour

Variable triggering

8 independent variables can be used to create hundreds of different triggering conditions, vastly multiplying the logic options available to the programmer

Integrated Audio Player

Link directly to your playback system and enjoy complete shows perfectly synched to the audio

Multiple Timelines

Run up to 16 simultaneous timelines independently to control multiple zones, or split the programming into small modules

Intelligent code learning

Ability to easily ‘learn’ or create control codes for RS232, IR, or Ethernet directly from their source. Projects can also be loaded onto the Pilote at distance over Ethernet

DMX sequence recording

Record DMX sequences from any lighting desk AND modify them if you want in Looping!


No moving parts (storage on Flash Card) and no MS Windows(the Pilote isn’t a PC!). 8¬†years warranty as standard


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