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SpotDAP 550/560

  • Directly reach your target audience
  • Kiosks
  • Digital Signage
  • Advertising
  • Long projection distance
  • Surprise effects!
  • Grab attention

Directly reach your target audience

The SpotDAP is able to direct sound exactly where you want it.


Allow each kiosk user to enjoy individual sound, without disturbing others, and without headphones.

Digital Signage

Add audio to your visual message without disturbing areas that need to remain quiet.


Adding audio to advertising campaigns measurably improves results*. The echo-free clarity of the SpotDAP’s sound is like adding audio on steroids!

Long projection distance

The sound level decreases very slowly with the distance. It’s a unique feature of the HSS® technology. The sound remains intelligible up to 20 meters away!

Surprise effects!

Surprising effects can come from directing the SpotDAP onto sculptures or paintings making them come alive with sound!

The SpotDAP can also be used to attract a visitor’s attention by directing it along corridors.

Grab attention

Due to the way the sound is produced, listeners think the sound is coming from a very short distance away. This causes listeners to instinctively turn to look for the source – a great feature in digital signage or advertising.




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