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  • Virtual buttons
  • Variable trigger zone
  • No depth restrictions
  • Auto-calibration
  • No spurious triggering
  • Flexible power requirements

The TaCap3 is a capacitive sensor that can be used to provide triggering through any non-ferrous material, allowing the creation of “magical” touch points on printed displays, glass, and much more! The TaCap3 also offers the possibility to add an additional external triggering area with a foil or similar material. This means the trigger zone can be virtually unlimited in terms of size and form. An opto-coupled output relay eliminates spurious triggering

Virtual buttons

The technology allows triggering points to be created through any non-ferrous material.

Variable trigger zone

Through the use of an external foil the triggering zone can be extended and shaped to suit requirements.

No depth restrictions

By using an external foil there is no longer any need to plan a certain space depth behind the triggering point – fractions of a millimetre are enough!


When power is connected the TaCap3 auto-calibrates according to the local electromagnetic fields, then is ready to trigger

No spurious triggering

The use of an opto-coupler for the output relay ensures the TaCap3 will not trigger due to noise on the output line.

Flexible power requirements

A wide range of input voltages can power the TaCap3

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