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WaveLink D

  • Unique tour guide interaction
  • Minimum operational costs
  • Multi-channel transmission
  • Simple to program
  • High quality sound
  • Hygienic

The Wavelink D is a hassle-free digital tourguide system that answers all of your needs in terms of features, hygiene, multi-channel transmission, handling and reliability. The Wavelink D uses the internationally accepted 2.4GHz standard frequencies. It offers: 60 simultaneous channels without any interference; integrated speakers in its receivers (no need for headsets); one-month battery autonomy (handling-free operation); the possibility of transmitting pre-recorded messages; the use of RSF’s FreeSound® hygienic headsets; an easy distribution system; the reliability of RSF products; and much more…

Extreme possibilities

Up to 60 groups can operate in the same space without any interference nor restriction on the number of visitors per group!

Unique tour guide interaction

A group leader can address the visitors live, transmit to them pre-recorded messages, or audio content in sync with videos!

Simple to use by the operator

Channels are easily and quickly set: receivers are handed to the group of visitors and the guide takes over the whole group by a push of a button!


The Wavelink D‘s receivers offer a one-month autonomy using two standard AA batteries. Thus, no daily charging is needed. Also, the receivers integrate speakers so that there is no need for
external headsets, a main source of breakages and costs.

Minimum operational costs

Being a handling-free system, the Wavelink D needs considerably less personnel to operate, which means enormous operational costs savings.

Ergonomic and lightweight

The Wavelink D receivers’ shape and light weight (140gr) allows for comfortable usage even for long visits.


The Wavelink D receivers integrate a speaker that is easy to clean. They can also be used with RSF‘s FreeSound® hygienic headset that does not touch the ears!

High quality sound

The Wavelink D’s digital transmission ensures sounds are transmitted and received integrally, without any loss in quality, and with a large frequency response.

Worldwide frequency compliance

The Wavelink D uses approved frequencies worldwide.

Absolute reliability

No moving parts, latest technologies and high quality components (CE and ROHS compliant). A 2-year warranty is offered as standard, with the option of extending it to up to 5 years!


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