Prestigious Thea Award for Meet Vincent van Gogh

unnamedPrestigious Thea Award for Meet Vincent van Gogh – RSF’s Optima 6 is used for multimedia immersion.

We are proud to announce that the Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience is recipient of the TEA Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement – Immersive Touring Museum Exhibit.

Thea Committee: “The exhibit elevates the museum experience from a passive gallery to an immersive experience that allows all visitors to see and encounter these great works of art, and to know the artist, in new ways.”

The exhibition uses 500 Optima6 audioguide for all visitors. Visitors receive a fully immersive audio experience that guides them through the life and works of one of the Netherlands’ most renowned painters.

Each visitor can select their own language, and thanks to the automatic triggering no further thought or input is needed from the visitor. All video stations are perfectly synchronised, and the use of the RSF Freesound headphones ensures visitors are not closed off from accompanying friends and family.