RSF International equipes Spiekpietjes Exposition – Antwerpen and Ostend with the BASIC

RSF will provide a total of 265 Basic Audioguides for the expo created for the well-known book series ‘De Spiekpietjes’ by author Thaïs Vanderheyden.  This holiday season will come alive in 2 locations, Antwerpen and Ostend just in time for the Saint Nicolas holiday. The Expo welcomes all, small and big Spiekpietjes fans from 21.10 to 03.12 in the Oude Post at the Groenplaats, Antwerp and from 28.10 to 06.12 in Ostend’s Fort-Napoleon.

The Basic

One of the world‘s bestselling audioguides offers a unique solution that answers all of a site’s worries with traditional audioguides: with merely two disposable AA alkaline batteries, it can continuously play approximately 350 hours of messages, which means around three and a half months of autonomy in general usage without recharging! Therefore, no charging racks are needed. By dispensing with the use of charging racks, the BASIC dramatically decreases handling, management, and storage needs. The BASIC sells at a very affordable price and provides unparalleled reliability levels.