RSF International equips The New Belgium National Bank Museum – Brussels

The Optima6 will be employed by the new Belgian Bank Museum in parallel with a visitor’s management system. This allows for detection and transmission of the visitor’s identity to interactive kiosks (via IP) throughout the visit route to receive a personalised experience.


The Optima6 has been the leading interactive audioguide solution for over 15 years and is present in hundreds of sites all over the world. It has recently won the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement through the ‘Meet Vincent Van Gogh’ exhibition – An immersive touring museum exhibit.

Learn more about RSF’s Optima6 Point & Click Audio Guide and the entire RSF product line.


The National Bank of Belgium’s collections include numismatic items (commodity money, coins, notes, and medals), iconographic documents, valuable books and archives, artifacts and machines. Together, these collections form a remarkable and unique corpus, used by researchers, writers, museums and other organisers of exhibitions. They have been constituted from 1950 with a view to setting up a museum. From a thematic point of view, these collections cover the whole field of Belgium’s national history with an emphasis on the economy and the development of money, banking and finance.

The new Belgian Bank Museum