“I will be 20 in 2030” Exhibition – Liege uses 700 XP Audio Guides from RSF International

For the “I will be 20 in 2030” exhibition about mankind of the future RSF will provide 700 XPerience audio guides. All along this immersive exhibition route, visitors pass through large-scale settings as well as simulations enriched with displays, explanatory texts and films. The XPerience audio guide will synchronise with points throughout the exhibit utilising audio, video, interactive terminals in multiple languages. The synchronisation is on-demand meaning visitors dial in the reference number of the exhibit and it synchronises the programming in their chosen language.


The XPerience answers all of the worries with traditional audioguides. Similar to RSF’s Basic audioguide, the XPerience has a two-month battery autonomy, and provides unparalleled reliability. These unique features allow for extremely low operational costs. In addition, the XPerience offers the following advanced features: Lip-accurate video synchronization (via RF & IR), Easy collection of usage statistics (wireless), and discreet theft-protection system. The XPerience is the audioguide of choice for budget-sensitive sites with advanced technical requirements.

Learn more about the RSF XPerience Audio Guide and the entire RSF product line.


Describing the world in which we will live tomorrow and forecasting the major scientific advances of the forthcoming decades is a difficult and risky task. However, the future framework of our life just like the seeds of discoveries yet to come can be found in the research of today, in particular in universities. What are the main effects of science on everyday life? What is the impact of science on your birth, studies, work, leisure, environment, illnesses or death? The exhibition is based around four cross-disciplinary themes: assisted mankind, connected mankind, responsible mankind and modified mankind. The exhibition I will be 20 in 2030; science and everyday life invite you on a journey into the future.

”I will be 20 in 2030” exhibition