RSF International Provides Audio Guides to The Diamond Museum – Antwerp

RSF will provide 200 Optima6 audio guides to The Diamond Museum enabling the visitor to learn about the vast world of diamonds in the language of their choice and at their own pace. Visitors will have the chance to visit treasure chambers and unique diamond collections with diamond stones and diamond jewelry from the sixteenth century until contemporary times. Also a replica of famous diamonds like the Koh I Noor and the Cullinan I are exposed at the museum.


The Optima6 has been the leading interactive audioguide solution for over 15 years and is present in hundreds of sites all over the world. It has recently won the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement through the ‘Meet Vincent Van Gogh’ exhibition – An immersive touring museum exhibit.

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In more than a thousand square meters of space, expert guides will explain the rich history of Antwerp and the relationship it had with diamonds for more than 400 years. Diamond polishers and goldsmiths are at work for a first-hand view one will also see some legendary diamonds and learn about diamond valuation, also known as the 4 C’s.