Caravaggio. Beyond the Canvas furnished by RSF International – Milan

Caravaggio Milan works with RSFCaravaggio. Beyond the Canvas

From October 6th 2018 to January 27th 2019 the Museo della Permanente hosts the immersive exhibition “Caravaggio. Beyond the Canvas “, a multimedia experience of high technology that traces the fundamental stages of the artistic and human history of the great master of the seventeenth century, Caravaggio.

“Caravaggio. Beyond the canvas “is an emotional journey, where the settings of the time and the story of the troubled existence of the artist are relived with the support of binaural headphones, video mapping and projectors of the latest generation.

250 of RSF’s Optima6 multimedia guides are being used to convey this hands-free full sensory interactive experience to the visitors.

The exhibition, conceived by MondoMostreSkira, produced by Experience Exhibitions and curated by Rossella Vodret with the Patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, sets out to unveil the Lombard genius beyond the canvas.

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