Piccadilly Circus hosts Body Worlds with RSF International – London

RSF at Piccadilly Circus Body Worlds ExpoA major exhibit at a new venue in the heart of London – Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds!

The original organizers of Body Worlds have built another high-quality exhibition which extends over 5 levels at 1 Piccadilly Circus. This exhibition had multifaceted challenges that required an all-in-one solution. The first challenge was to find a solution that serviced a large number of visitors in a fast and easy manner which also interacted in different modes with the integrated multimedia. The organisers also wanted to create a location-based hands-free experience which synchronised to external videos and interactive terminals. Additionally, the visitor needed the capability of accessing supplemental information throughout the exhibition by a simple point-and-click gesture at targets. Finally, because of the highly educational nature of the exhibition, the organisers needed to provide a guiding equipment for school group tours using the same equipment.

The Optima6 answered all of these challenges with flying colours! RSF installed a total of 850 units along with RSF’s hygienic FreeSound headsets for the comfort and pleasure of thousands of visitors.

Take the Optima6 audioguide and FreeSound headset for a spin at Body Worlds from October 2018


The Optima6 has an extensive ability to interact with the latest multimedia technologies. Unlike traditional audio guides, with the Optima6 “Point & Click®” the visitors are offered an immersive and full-sensory experience. Read more here