The Discovery of King Tut – Portland equiped with 700 XPerience units from RSF International

RSF and The Discovery of King Tut THE DISCOVERY OF KING TUT (Portland, Oregon, USA. Oct 6, 18 – Jan 27, 19)

This exhibition takes visitors on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition into the history of ancient Egypt to experience the treasures of Tutankhamun and his famous tomb chambers, exactly as they were when discovered in 1922 by archaeologist Howard Carter.

For the last six years, RSF has been the privileged partner of the exhibition’s producers and promoters (SC Semmel and Premier Exhibitions) in providing guiding solutions that answer the following requirements:

A multi-language audio guide developed as a series of dialogues based on the records of the explorer Howard Carter.  The audio guide is also offered for children starting 12 years of age, and is made to synchronize to multiple external videos that are placed along the visit, including a large movie theater that can contain up to 300 visitors at a time.

700 of RSF’s XPerience units are enriching the exhibition experience and are fully answering the challenging requirements of the site to the full satisfaction of the organizers and the visitors.

Find out more about the XPerience audioguide