Look2innovate History

Look2innovate (previously RSF International) was founded in 2000. With more than 20 years of experience manufacturing and distributing AV equipment dedicated to museums and live shows, and presently offers the largest, most advanced, and most innovative range of audioguides, tourguides and dedicated Android application solutions on the market.
At present Look2innovate is a world leader in the audioguide field and has over 6000 sites around the world using its equipment including the following prestigious ones: The Prado museum in Madrid (2.9 million visitors); The Uffizzi in Florence (1.2 Million); The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (660’000 visitors); The Royal Palace of Caserta (500’000 visitors); The TUT travelling exhibitions (1 million visitors); Premier Exhibitions (2 million visitors); and the newly launched “Meeting Vincent Van Gogh” travelling exhibitions which expect to attract over 1 million visitors a year.

Look2innovate Philosophy

At Look2innovate we place a huge value on reliability. We understand that technology isn’t the most important thing in a typical museum; it should blend seamlessly into the background of the visitor’s experience.
Museum staff want exhibits to work, and stay working without repeated intervention. There is also the issue of budget – while a museum may have budget for a project, they are highly unlikely to have further budget two years later to replace a series of cheap players that have broken down with no warranty (or worse still, where the manufacturer no longer exists!).

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Why choose Look2innovate?

The company, the products and their unique features, the service, and quality assurance are among the important reasons for choosing the Look2innovate solutions.

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