RSF History

RSF was founded in 1970, and has been producing quality electronic products ever since. We are not a one-hit-wonder but we have a structure in place to continue our success for many decades to come.

We are much more concerned with long-term stable growth than a boom & bust mentality. But most of all, RSF is well known for its largest, most advanced, and most innovative range of audioguides worldwide. The RSF products are synonymous of innovation, reliability, adaptability, and ease of use…

RSF Philosophy

At RSF International we place a huge value on reliability. We understand that technology isn’t the most important thing in a typical museum; it should blend seamlessly into the background of the visitor’s experience.

Museum staff want exhibits to work, and stay working without repeated intervention. There is also the issue of budget – while a museum may have budget for a project, they are highly unlikely to have further budget two years later to replace a series of cheap players that have broken down with no warranty (or worse still, where the manufacturer no longer exists!).

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Why choose RSF International?

The products we offer source high-quality components with low tolerances from reputable manufacturers, often paying many times more than the price of cheap, generic components in order to guarantee a final product that works well, and works continuously. The latest products have been developed to playback better-than-CD quality audio and/or high bitrate, Full-HD video. Everything is completed and QC-checked by RSF SAS factory in Toulouse, France, before being sent on to our clients.

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