Look2innovate Philosophy


At Look2innovate we place a huge value on reliability. We understand that technology isn’t THE most important thing in a typical museum; that it should blend seamlessly into the background of the visitor’s experience. Museum staff wants exhibits to work, and stay working without repeated intervention. There is also the issue of budget – while a museum may have budget for a project, they are highly unlikely to have further budget two years later to replace a series of cheap players that have broken down with no warranty (or worse still, where the manufacturer no longer exists!). Our products are made to work, and to stay working for years: We offer up to 5-year extended warranty on the majority of our products!

Taking care of the details

We have extensive experience in installing projects, and have developed our products accordingly. Our goal is always to ensure that our products are easy to program and install, and that the installer will not be caught out on site because he / she doesn’t have a 25-pin multipin connector together with soldering iron and a spare hour or two to put it all together!


Our products are designed, built, and QC-passed. We use high-quality components for all elements of our products (including PSUs), and as such are proud of our exemplary reliability record. The quartz crystals we use for generating the timing signals for the microprocessors in our devices are made to the smallest tolerances possible to virtually eliminate drift between devices, we opto-couple our inputs and outputs (using expensive, high-grade opto-couplers), and have eliminated mechanical parts in favor of solid state technology.

On the manufacturing side, we follow a Quality Management System that is in line with the most stringent quality control procedures (ISO9002). As a result, our products are extremely reliable and can endure the harshest usage conditions.

Total cost of ownership

Closely related to the subject of taking care of the details, we have engineered our products to have a comparatively low total cost of ownership over the long term. While the initial purchase price is not always the cheapest available, this investment will pay for itself and more over time due to our reliability, reduced installation time, reduced rack space needs, extremely low power consumption (especially on batteries), easily replaceable parts / modules, simple configuration, and up to 5-year warranty!