Our technologies

Precision triggering

All of our audioguides are fully immersive allowing designers to plunge visitors into a world within the museum, where attention doesn’t need to be paid to operating the audioguide, or finding the plaque with the commentary number. By using location-based triggering audioguides can automatically start playing the desired content at the right spot in the exhibition, and with Look2innovate’s infra-red triggering system this can be precisely defined down to 50cm of movement or 30o of turning. No other system in the world is this accurate, and allows incredibly small triggering zones with no restrictions on the proximity of adjacent zones. In the past some installations have actually ripped out existing systems in order to install the Look2innovate synchronisation system as the previous system had not met requirements.

Hygienic headsets

Headphones can often be a dividing issue in museums. On one hand they allow fully individualized content, eliminate noise pollution, and can provide very good sound quality. On the other hand they also isolate the visitor, pose hygiene problems, and suffer from broken cables. There is no right or wrong answer as to whether to use them or not, however RSF have provided a solution to the inconveniences posed through our unique TWIST headphones. There is no physical contact between the headphones and the ear, the visitor can always hear surrounding sounds, there is no noise spill, and while the Kevlar-reinforced cables rarely fray and break, those that do can be easily replaced thanks to the use of 3.5mm jack plugs.

Point & Click

Audioguides are great tools to provide visitors with in-depth information about the subject-matter of a museum in an interesting and engaging manner. Unfortunately however sometimes visitors who are not so tech-savvy can struggle to control the audioguide as necessary. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent in visitors at either end of the age spectrum. By using our Point & Click technology the operation for the user couldn’t be easier. They simply point the audioguide at the desired exhibit, and click the single button on the face of the audioguide. There are no numerical codes to tap in, no timeout function, no menus to navigate. The audio starts immediately in the headphones and they can allow themselves to be immersed in the visit.


Look2innovate masters the technology that allows audioguides’ locally-stored content to synchronise with external video players. We have developed this into the exceptionally accurate and reliable system that is used today in hundreds of sites worldwide. Once set up our audioguides always synchronise with lip-perfect accuracy in multiple languages regardless of whether the visitor is in the zone when the video starts or not.

Low consumption

All of our audioguides have autonomy levels that are unmatched in their class. In some cases, this can mean up to 3 months without needed to change batteries. We have also worked hard to make other products as efficient as possible: Our triggering points for audioguides (ref. Target AG) will run for 5-10 years on two sets of AA batteries!

Visit reporting

At the end of the tour, visitors can return their audioiguide units onto a ‘Look2report’ interactive station (an interactive kiok). They can answer questions and choose to communicate their email in order to receive a customisable report with their specific visit details.