The Agrimusée, Rochehaut, Belgium

The Concept

The client wanted to create a linear-visit museum where the guests would progress from zone to zone, learning about agricultural practices, machinery, and rural lifestyles in recent history.

The Brief  
There were to be 20 sequential zones, incorporating video, audio commentary in 2 languages, dynamic lighting, mechanical demonstrations and special effects. The visitors were to experience the visit without having to manipulate any equipment, and once installed, the whole attraction had to run without intervention from specialist technicians.

Optima Agrimusée2The Solution – Pilote show controller

In total 8 Pilote show controllers were used in this installation. One master was connected via RS232 to a simple touch screen that allows staff to start any of the 20 zones individually, or to start a normal visit, turn the lights on for cleaning / maintenance, or shut down the museum for the night. The remaining 7 Pilotes run the 20 zones sequentially, each handing over to the next by sending command strings via Ethernet. Each zone contains a mix of audio-guide triggering, lighting, and either video, working machinery, or special effects. Using the Pilote we were able to perfectly synchronise the different components of each scene.

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