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  • Hygienic
  • Flexible construction
  • Full range sound

Non-Contact Headphones for True Floating Comfort!

The FreeSound headphones are designed for situations where hygiene, robustness, high sound quality, and isolation management all have to be combined to provide a unique headphone solution.
The headphones do not come into contact with the ear, thus eliminating the need for hygiene management, and ensuring that the user is not isolated from his / her surroundings.


No physical contact with the ear together with smooth plastic finish for quick and easy cleaning.

Flexible construction

The headphones can be bent and twisted far beyond standard use yet still return to the original form.

Full range sound

With some light equalisation the FreeSound produces high-quality sound across the full audible spectrum.

No isolation

As the ears of the user are not enclosed, the user is not isolate from his / her surroundings, meaning parents can still pay attention to children etc.

Easy cable replacement

The first thing to fail in a pair of headphones is almost always thecable. This is why we offer extremely durable cables with kevlar protection. However if the cable should still fail, a 3.5mm female jack plug in the headphones allows for quick and easy cable replacement.



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