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Ethernet-enabled Multi-channel Audio Player

  • Exceptional Sound quality
  • Highly reliable
  • Extensive control
  • Unlimited Syncro
  • Flexible configuration
  • Platform-independent config

The MultiDAP-IP is a stereo or multi-track digital audio player (up to 8 stereo channels) in a 19” rack frame.

The total absence of moving parts in its design guarantees absolute reliability. An unlimited number of MultiDAP-IPs can be connected together for as many channels as are needed, all the while remaining perfectly synchronised.

The MultiDAP-IP is fitted with 2 input contacts per stereo channel, plus 4 GPIOs which can be multiplexed and assigned to various functions. The MultiDAP-IP can also be controlled via RS232 or Ethernet strings.

Exceptional sound quality

Reads uncompressed audio at better than CD quality.

Highly reliable

Fully solid state operation, and dedicated hardware ensure smooth running for years.

Extensive control

RS232, Ethernet, GPIO contacts.


No running costs due to servicing.


Seamlessly loop files for perfect continuous playback.


Compact stand-alone unit. Up to 8 stereo tracks in 1U in a 19” rack.

Unlimited synchro

Each player can be linked to an unlimited number of further players to offer an infinite number of perfectly synchronised audio tracks.

Flexible configuration

Group GPIOs can be multiplexed and independently configured, and each stereo channel has its own GPIOs for independent triggering.

Platform-independent config

Through an HTML interface or java app, the player can be configured from any device.

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