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STYLE, the innovative multimedia audio-guide/tour-guide

What a modern combination!

Look2innovate’s new multimedia audio-guide/tour-guide combi model, the Style, reaches new levels of technology to offer unique features never seen before. They include: visitor’s identity recognition (allowing personalised visit experiences), visit feedback (emailed to visitors at the end of the visit), and many different ways of triggering messages (by point-and-click, by keypad, automatic by IR, and automatic by RF)!
The Style’s extensive ability to interact with the latest multimedia technologies allows it to seamlessly integrate with audio, video, lighting, and computer applications in immersive and full-sensory visit experiences.

In addition to its innovative technology, the Style will seduce sites with its refined design and pleasant lines. It is light in weight, enjoyable to use and very pleasing to the eye.

Conforming to Look2innovate’s product philosophy, the Style is designed to minimise operational costs:
The Style offers a long battery autonomy that can last up to one month with general usage! This means the Style does not need any daily charging and handling by the staff, which results in enormous savings in operational costs!

The Style is the ideal product for all sites seek

ing innovative solutions, and is uniquely advantageous for sites serving both individual and group visitors.

Our Hardware

  • Playful ‘point and click’ feature
  • Versatile, with multiple triggering possibilities
  • Integrates a 2.4ghz digital tour-guide system
  • Sleek and ergonomic
  • One-month battery autonomy!
  • Self-service distribution and massive operational savings!
  • Easy and powerful programming tool
  • Full multimedia interaction
  • Personalised visits
  • Complete statistics collection
  • Visit reports with Look2report
  • Extreme reliability and minimum operational costs

Our Software

  • Wizard-based easy programming tool
  • Wide range of programming options
  • Answers any designers’ requirements
  • Customisable display background
  • Ideal for hands-free tours
  • Synchronisation with external videos by IR, RF or Point & Click!
  • Synchronisation to interactive terminals
  • Remote content updates or replacement
  • Live collection usage statistics
  • End of visit reports sent by email
  • Individual units programming docks
  • Modular 20-unit charging racks



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