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Smart Watch Optima Guide

RSF's SWOP guideThe SWOP is our new Smart Watch Optima guide with a touch screen aimed to offer playful interactive visit experiences that children and adults alike will enjoy.

Its compact design enables a wrist-wear or necklace-wear and is fully-featured for HF/Infrared interactivity with beacons (on-demand or automatic play). It can be also be paired with multimedia stations or group discovery/educative games. If used as an audioguide, it combines perfectly with our FreeSound headphones.


  • dedicated to immersive experiences
  • light and compact
  • wear as a necklace or a watch
  • combines with the FreeSound headset
  • ideal solution for automatic audioguiding at points/areas of interest
  • video-synchronisation
  • on-demand mode with a simple click
  • tour-guide options
  • operations-friendly
  • 1-week power autonomy
  • contactless charging
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