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WaveLink III

Light and Ergonomic Wireless Tour Guide System

  • Unique tour guide interaction
  • Modular
  • High quality sound
  • Ergonomic
  • Light
  • Simple to use for the visitor
  • Simple to use for the operator
  • Compliant
  • Reliable
  • Multi-application

The WaveLink III wireless tour guide system allows addressing several groups of visitors clearly and discreetly in open and busy environments, without interference among groups and without any noise pollution.  In each group the guide has a transmitter and each visitor a receiver. Regardless of distance, the guide’s voice is heard clearly by the visitors in his group, free from any background noise.

The WaveLink III is a new generation model that features better power and battery autonomy than competing products while being much lighter and smaller in size!

Unique tour guide interaction

The group guide can address the visitors live or transmit to them pre-recorded messages (using one of the RSF audioguide models, for example).


Unrestricted number of visitors per group. Up to a minimum of 18 groups in parallel, in the same space.

High quality sound

Large audio frequency response.


Contrary to competing products, the WaveLink III transmitters and receivers are small in size (85x60x19mm), and very easy to hold in the hand.


The transmitters and receivers are very light (60g), therefore very comfortable to carry around the neck.

Simple to use for the visitor

All the visitor needs is to adjust the volume level.

Simple to use for the operator

It is not easy for the users to switch frequencies, avoiding setting confusions.


Uses approved frequencies worldwide. Rohs and CE compliant.


No moving parts, latest technologies and high quality components


Can be used as a translation system, or as a multi-language transmission system for tourist buses, projection rooms, etc.

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