Looping is the software used to program our Pilote show controller. You can create and edit Timelines, define output code strings, create and edit DMX sequences, and synchronise everything together for a seamless visitor experience.


Short for PILote TRIGering, Piltrig allows you to schedule certain events to trigger on the Pilote, based on date and time, for example to automatically put an exhibition into night mode every day at 7 pm.

iGuide 6

iGuide 6 is the software used to program our OP6, XP2, and new WLKD Tx devices. Import audio files, configure automatic triggering, set up different language versions, and much more.

iGuide 5

iGuide 5 is the software used to program our Basic, XP, Compact, and Optima (up to OP5) audioguides, as well as the MicroDAP and MultiDAP (non-IP!) fixed audio players.\iGuide5