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The Miniature-Sized Audio Player for Simple Applications

  • Dependable
  • Better-than-CD quality sound
  • Audio controls
  • Triggering controls
  • Miniature size
  • Quick programming

The OneDAP is a compact audio player specially designed for easy installation in stand alone or centrally controlled situations. Its small size and simple connectivity enables an easy and fast installation. The latest single audio player in the RSF ProDAP product line, the OneDAP benefits from RSF’s long experience of offering extreme reliability, flexibility, and ease of programming. The OneDAP is designed to replace CD players wherever reliability is a requirement.

The OneDAP is entirely solid-state meaning there are no mechanical parts to fail with use over time.

Better-than-CD quality sound
The OneDAP reads 16 bit uncompressed WAV files at up to 48kHz sampling rate for audio quality better than a CD.

Audio controls
Volume, bass, and treble can all be individually controlled to shape the sound as desired. The bass and treble bands can be adjusted for semi-parametric equalisation.

Triggering controls
The OneDAP has 2 GPIO contacts that can be multiplexed for 3 discrete triggers. One input can be changed to an output for cases where an external device needs to be triggered or powered.

Easy setup
By putting a single WAV file on the memory card it will simply play in a perfect loop. Other optional configurations can be included by changing the names of the audio files, adding a config file and further audio files, all without the need for specialised software.

Miniature size
The OneDAP fits easily into limited spaces for easy integration, even when the gap behind a wall is extremely small.

Quick programming
All content is stored on an SD card meaning the content and set up can be rapidly adapted to the needs of the project.

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