With over 20 years of experience, the Look2innovate product line provides complete solutions for museums and exhibitions and comprises the largest, most advanced, and most innovative range of guiding solutions worldwide.

The Look2innovate products are synonymous of innovation, reliability, adaptability, and ease of use…An international network of award-winning, highly experienced distributors providing a full range of interpretation services and committing themselves to Look2innovate’s highest quality standards for products and services.

The museums and exhibitions field is a challenging environment always on the move. New ideas, new applications, and new technologies are constantly needed. Look2innovate is at the forefront of answering these needs with continuous innovations, adaptable products, and experienced teams with unparalleled know-how. Because we manufacture what we sell, we are uniquely positioned to adapt our solutions to answer the custom needs.


Look2innovate along its extensive worldwide network of partners offer all types of services to cover your operational and financial needs, including: Content creation, recording, installation, profit-sharing, rental, purchase, maintenance, and distribution services.


Assurance, equipment, content…The Look2innovate Quality Chart highlights our quality commitments and provides guidance at every stage of the content creation journey – from the first creative meeting, through the script-writing process to the final production – with the aim to offer the best possible service to our clients.



The Look2innovate Partner network distributes the Look2innovate products internationally and is one of the world’s most successful in the field: more than 6000 museums, galleries, heritage sites and travelling exhibitions are enjoying quality tours that we have provided.