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LOOK, the professional multimedia player

The future looks creative!

The Look is a unique professional multimedia player designed to enrich your tours and exhibition visits with the most advanced multimedia technologies. It has been purpose-built in every aspect, to address the constrictive needs of museum visits:

The Look offers a two-day battery autonomy, a sturdy build to sustain thousands of usages per year, a modular charging system for large numbers of units, an ideal size HD quality 5.5” touchscreen, a powerful six-core processor that supports true AR applications, and most uniquely, an infrared triggering and synchronisation system that opens the way for unique hands-free, multimedia-rich, and interactive visit experiences.

In addition to its innovative features and robust build, the Look is beautifully designed, ergonomic, and fully customisable on the back.  This is an excellent way to express your corporate identity (brand, logo, and colours), or to promote seasonal events and exhibitions!

This highly interactive multimedia tablet is already enjoyed by dozens of prestigious sites worldwide. These include the City of Paris’ 14 museums (Paris Musées), the new Munch museum in Oslo, and Qasr Al-Watan, the presidential palace in Abu Dhabi.

With the Look, you can make your vision a reality. The future looks creative!



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Our Software

  • Easy integration of maps, texts, images, videos, 3D, & AR
  • Triggering by GPS, iBeacon, IR and NFC
  • Synchronisation with external videos by IR and Wifi
  • Customisable modern interface
  • Wayfinding solutions
  • Remote content updates & maintenance
  • Live collection usage statistics
  • Tours for hearing impaired

Our Hardware

  • Elegant design
  • Fully customisable back
  • 5.5” high-quality display with tempered glass protection
  • 7000 mAh battery, two-day autonomy
  • High-end, modern, hexa-core processor
  • Robust casing & silicon cover protection
  • Unique IR triggering and synchronisation!
  • Compass, accelerometer, BT, GPS, and NFC
  • Integrated speaker
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