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  • Video and kiosk interaction
  • Hands-free operation
  • Digital tourguide integrated
  • FreeSound® hygienic headsets
  • One week battery autonomy
  • Wireless charging
  • Customisable & much more


Different versions means complete flexibility

The Optima6 is a Hands-free audioguide: messages are automatically triggered based on the exact location of the visitor. Two different versions offer additional triggering possibilities to cover any situation: Optima6 “Keypad”: A version with a 12-button keypad which allows the visitor to manually key in a message number and listen to the corresponding commentary.

Multiple triggering techniques

Two automatic triggering techniques are integrated in the Optima6 as standard: Infra-red (IR), and RSF’s proprietary bi-directional radio frequency technology. Both techniques ensure precise control of the triggering areas and allow the Optima6 to be triggered by location without any action from the visitor.

Direct audio streaming

The Optima6 integrates a digital audio streaming system for up to 60 parallel channels with multiple possible applications: Tour-guide interaction: a guide can directly address a group of visitors equipped with Optima6. Multi-language audio streaming in stereo, for auditoriums. General information and live alarm messages.

Perfect synchronization for audiovisual applications

The Optima6 allows lip-accurate synchronisation with any audiovisual application (video, lighting, shows, etc.). The synchronisation system is very easy to install and allows multiple videos / audio tracks per zone and/or screen.

Full multimedia interaction

Through its multiple triggering and synching technologies, the Optima6 allows for advanced interactions with multimedia applications such as PCs or Interactive Kiosks.

Wireless content updating and simple programming

The programming of visits is done using RSF’s iGuide®, a very powerful and user-friendly PC-based programming tool. Content can easily be updated wireless if future changes become necessary.

Wireless collection of usage statistics

Detailed usage statistics are automatically recorded inside each Optima6. A wireless system allows quick statistics collection.

One week battery autonomy and wireless charging!

RSF’s proprietary low consumption technique allows the Optima6 to offer a full week’s battery autonomy with regular daily usage. The batteries are charged without any physical contact using RSF’s Magic charge system. This means minimum handling, maximum reliability, and low operational costs.

Customised enclosure and ergonomic

The Optima6’s small shape is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The front and side of the Optima6 can be completely customised both in terms of design and colour.

The FreeSound® — Revolutionary headsets

RSF has developed the FreeSound®, a dedicated headset for the Optima6. This patented headset has high quality sound, is reliable, light, open-ear, and uniquely hygienic:
Its speakers are directional and do not touch the ears!

Universal accessibility

The Optima6 is ideal for visually impaired visitors who can be guided by the automatically triggered messages.
Induction loops can be used for the hearing impaired.

Efficient alarm system

RSF’s proprietary bi-directional RF technology accurately locates the position of each audioguide, providing a small, discreet, highly efficient, and easy to install theft-protection system.

Extreme reliability

Designed for absolute reliability: dozens of sites are running with previous generation Optima6 units for over 12 years. It comes with a standard 2 year warranty, extendable to 5 years!



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