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  • Economic
  • Durable headphones with steel shielded cable
  • Reliable
  • Aesthetic
  • Full range sound
  • Extreme comfort
  • Economic
  • Warranty

The SolidHD is a comfortable, self-adjusting pair of headphones with dual enclosed drivers. Its’ frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz provides excellent vocal intelligibility and high quality stereo sound for any type of sound source.
Designed for heavy duty and frequent usage , the SolidHD is fitted with a 180cm steel shielded cable for theft and damage protection, even when used by members of the public.
The SolidHD is ideal for museums, libraries, retail, or any public / professional application where individual listening points are desired.


Extremely robust structure 180cm heavy duty steel shielded cable.
Flexible interior cable for durability.


No exposed wiring or parts.

Full range sound

Digital Hi-Fidelity stereo sound.

Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz.

Extreme comfort

Adjustable padded headband.

Full size, soft-padded over-ear placement.


Durable, very limited maintenance costs.


1 Year Warranty



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