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  • Endless autonomy and self service distribution
  • Full multimedia interaction
  • Perfect synchronisation for audio-visual applications
  • Extreme reliability
  • Integrated tourguide system
  • Wireless collection of usage statistics
  • Simple to program
  • Minimum operational costs

The XP2 is RSF’s new multimedia guide that allows visitors to serve themselves, thus saving enormously on operational costs, especially for large sites.

The XP2 interacts easily with all kinds of multimedia: videos, kiosks, lights, special effects, and more. It offers a two-month battery autonomy, and provides unparalleled reliability. In addition, the XP2 offers advanced features such as a 60-channel digital tourguide system,
lip-accurate video synchronisation, wireless collection of usage statistics, and a discreet theft-protection system.

The XP2 is the audioguide of choice for large sites with operational constraints and advanced technical requirements.

Endless autonomy and self service distribution

The XP2 has around two-months of battery autonomy with normal usage. Therefore, no daily charging is needed for two months, dramatically decreasing handling costs and storage needs, and giving the possibility of self-service distribution.

Magic charger

As standard, the XP2 runs on 2 disposable AA alkaline batteries. As an option, it can be fitted with rechargeable batteries and a wireless charging system: the “Magic charger”.

Full multimedia interaction

The XP2 allows for advanced interactions with multimedia applications such as PCs or Interactive Kiosks.

Perfect synchronisation for audio-visual applications

The XP2 can use RSF’s world-leading synchronisation technology with any audio-visual application (video, lighting, special effects, etc). The synchronisation system is very easy to install and allows multiple videos/audio tracks per zone and/or screen.

Extreme reliability

Designed for absolute reliability: defect rates are less than 3% per year, even for the most busy sites!.

Integrated tourguide system

The XP2 integrates a digital 60-channel direct audio streaming system with multiple possible applications, including:

Tour-guide interaction: a guide can directly address a group of visitors equipped with XP2 units.
Multi-language stereo audio steaming, for auditoriums.

Wireless collection of usage statistics

Usage statistics are automatically recorded inside each XP2. The information collected is retrieved wireless via RF.

Simple to program

The programming of visits is done using RSF’s iGuide®, a very powerful yet user friendly PC-based programming tool.

Minimum operational costs

Extreme reliability, minimum handling (self-service and no daily recharging), and easy management (simple programming, language change, and statistics retrieval) mean smoother operations, reduced personnel numbers, and lower running costs


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