RSF International furnishes 750 units to The Smurf Experience – Brussels

Celebrating 60 years of The Smurfs

A major exhibition covering more than 1.500 square meters has been organised as an immersive adventure for families. Entering the magical world of The Smurfs, the visitors become the little blue characters themselves, an experience enhanced by all kinds of interactive multimedia.

The challenge was to provide a very sturdy guiding solution for use by young excited children that also allowed for quick and easy distribution. The solution also had to answer the need for complete multimedia delivery and interaction all along the visit.

RSF’s XP2 audioguide was chosen and more than 750 units were put in place. The XP2 allows for full media interaction and perfect sychronisation for audio-visual applications. It also offers extreme reliability, endless autonomy, and self-service distribution making it extremely simple for the organisers to handle.  Now child and adult visitors alike will be immersed in The Smurf Experience using the XP2 that reacts with audio and video synchronisation all along the visit, creating a seamless multimedia interactive experience for all.

Experience the XP2 in action from June 2018- January 2019!


The XP2 is RSF’s new multimedia guide that allows visitors to serve themselves. This allows an enormous saving on operational costs, especially for large sites. The XP2 interacts easily with all kinds of multimedia: videos, kiosks, lights, special effects, and… Read more about the XP2 audioguide