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Optima 6 Point & Click

  • Point & Click®
  • Easy to use, Comfortable, Ergonomic design
  • High quality digital sound
  • Sound and Speech, Multi-language capacity
  • Ready to use
  • Revolutionary power supply
  • Minimum handling, Minimum storage space
  • Integrated alarm
  • Weather proof

Optima6 “Point & Click®”

A version with a single button. This version allows the visitor to point the Optima6 at a target and listen to the related message by simply pressing the button on the Optima6. The target can be a simple listening point, a video with synchronisation, or an interactive Kiosk.

Unlike traditional audioguides, with the Optima6   “Point & Click®” the visitors are offered multiple ways to enjoy their visits:

Hands-free and pointing at targets.

The Optima6 has an extensive ability to interact with the latest multimedia technologies. This allows for seamless integration between audio, video, lighting, and computer applications in immersive and full-sensory visit experiences.

In addition, the Optima6 integrates a digital tourguide system that opens the door for applications never seen before.



The FreeSound® the ultimate in comfort!

Unlike other headsets, the FreeSound® integrates directional speakers that offer superb stereo sound quality without physically touching the ears!

The ultimate hassle-free, hygienic solution…

Furthermore, the FreeSound® is an open ear system that allows you to enjoy your visit while keeping in full touch with your surroundings.

It is light and robust, in line with RSF’s highest quality standards.

The FreeSound® is specifically designed to be used with RSF’s revolutionary Optima6 hands-free audioguide system.


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