The Prado Museum, Spain

Prado Museum x RSFThe Prado Museum has chosen RSF for their new tourguide and audioguide services.

The “Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid” houses one of the greatest art collections in the world. Visitors can admire and study well-known masterpieces such as The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosh, The Nobleman with his hand on his Chest by El Greco, Death of the Virgin by Mantegna, The Holy Family known as The Pearl by Raphael, Emperor Carlos V on Horseback by Titian, The Foot Washing by Tintoretto, Self- portrait by Durër , Las Meninas by Velázquez, The Three Graces by Rubens, and The Family of Carlos IV by Goya.


Chosen Mrbab 22Flexiguia, RSF’s partner in Spain, developed an extensive audio tour that includes commentaries on more than 300 artworks in 10 languages, including J apanese, Chinese and Korean. More th an 900 Basic audioguides were put in place for their ease of use, high reliability and low operational costs. In addition, 800 WavelinkD digital tourguide systems serve more than 25 groups of visitors simultaneously, without any interference!

This is a unique feature that no other tourguide system could offer.

More information on the Prado Museum new audio tour can be found here: Prado Case Study

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